Have a look through the frequently asked questions below to find if they will help you. If there is something which is not explained please contact support.

My tracks aren’t showing up! What’s going on?

There can be a couple of reasons that tracks don’t appear in the AudioBrush media picker. The most common is if your tracks are DRM protected, almost every track that you purchase via online stores (such as the iTunes Store) will come with DRM protection. It stops unauthorised people from playing tracks that you own. Unfortunately AudioBrush isn’t able to over-come this problem and to cut a long story short, it will not display any tracks that are DRM protected to prevent confusion.

The second most common reason is if you use iTunes Match, use music on a network or in iCloud. These tracks are not compatible with AudioBrush and will not be displayed in the media selector.

For a hassle-free play, use MP3’s you’ve downloaded without DRM protection or MP3’s you’ve ripped from you favourite CD’s.

AudioBrush only supports MP3.

Why has my score not been submitted to the leaderboards?

Don’t worry! Your score is not lost!

Sometimes on a mobile network your may loose connection momentarily, if you complete a track during this point AudioBrush will think you’re “offline”. Not to worry thought, AudioBrush knows that you’ve not been connected and will store your score locally on that device so the next time you complete a track online it will also update the the track you played during your offline period.

How do tournaments work?

In tournament mode Artist from around the world allow AudioBrush to serve music to you. This means that you can play a track in AudioBrush even if you don’t have it in your personal music library.

So if anyone can play in this tournament it means that it’s you vs. the world. Currently there are a few more features planned for tournament mode, however at present the winner of the tournament (once the tournament period is over), will be awarded with the prize described in the tournament entry screen.

Winners will be able to retrieve their prize from their AudioBrush inbox. It can take up to 24 hours for the prizes to be processed and considerably longer for physical prizes sent via post.

What is AudioBrush and where is it going?

AudioBrush is currently an iOS based arcade game where you can use your own personal tracks and game with them against your friends and the world.

Ollie Edgington, creator of AudioBrush, came up with the idea in 2008 and procrastinated about it for 5 years. It wasn’t until April of 2013 until he actually committed himself to making this.

The intention was to create a great music game for free, that anyone can play at any skill level.

AudioBrush will continue to run as it is from the 7th November 2013, and depending on popularity and demand will be updated accordingly. As much as Ollie would love to keep on improving it non-stop, putting food on the table seems to be the more important!

I’ve added some MP3’s but they didn’t show up?

AudioBrush analyses your library at start-up as it is a secure and intensive process. If you have added tracks after starting AudioBrush, you will need to force close it by double tapping the Home button on your iOS device, then swipe upwards on the AudioBrush process to close it.

Run it again and your tracks will be there =).

I purchased some credits and they didn’t get added?

We are extremely sorry this has happened, but rest-assured, we keep track of all receipts from the very moment you purchase something, please get in contact with support ASAP and mention what’s happened.

For everyone who has decided to jailbreak their device:
Anyone found attempting to use in-app purchase bypassing will be dealt with appropriately as this is an offense and classes as attempted robbery in a large majority of countries across the world. If you haven’t already tried you will find that it’s not possible to bypass our in-app purchases as we double check receipt transaction IDs with the apple servers during the live purchase process.