AudioBrush Update 1.0.2

AudioBrush has again had some really great feedback back from you and is loaded with new bits and bobs for you:

This update addresses the loading screen hanging issue some users were experiencing.

– Updated tournaments mode.
– New leader boards.
– UI feedback.
– Updated inbox to receive other type of gift.
– Bugs zapped!

Tournament mode has been a great success so I’ve listened to what you wanted and updated it a little. You can preview the tracks before playing them now, just enter and you can preview for free.

Now you can access the tournament leader board from the leader board menu giving you a better idea of who’s got those high scores!

Whilst there were some players that couldn’t pass the loading screen due to an error in design, the loading screen will now provide feedback on what’s happening to those curious.

New inbox types have been added, who knows what they are?