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Tournament mode welcomes The Bimmys

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AudioBrush Debuts with Brutai

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AudioBrush Update 1.0.2

AudioBrush has again had some really great feedback back from you and is loaded with new bits and bobs for you:

This update addresses the loading screen hanging issue some users were experiencing.

– Updated tournaments mode.
– New leader boards.
– UI feedback.
– Updated inbox to receive other type of gift.
– Bugs zapped!

Tournament mode has been a great success so I’ve listened to what you wanted and updated it a little. You can preview the tracks before playing them now, just enter and you can preview for free.

Now you can access the tournament leader board from the leader board menu giving you a better idea of who’s got those high scores!

Whilst there were some players that couldn’t pass the loading screen due to an error in design, the loading screen will now provide feedback on what’s happening to those curious.

New inbox types have been added, who knows what they are?



The Bimmys hit-up tournament mode!

The Bimmys

Indie band The Bimmys, have just been added to the AudioBrush tournaments mode with not one, but two tracks!

Try before you play by visiting The Bimmys band page: Facebook band page

Stuck on the loading screen?

Some users have been experiencing issues with the loading screen of AudioBrush, rest-assured I know about this and have an update on the way to fix the problem.

For those of you that are just too excited to get playing AudioBrush there is a quick fix for you. If you have a look through your tracks on iTunes and remove any track with quotation marks included in the title, artist or album name (so ” or ‘ ) you will be able to pass that dreaded loading screen.

If you want to wait for for the update it should be on a iOS device near you by the middle of next week.

Sorry for any inconvenience, your understanding is most grateful, I’m trying my best to get everyone to have a smooth experience!

Thanks! Ollie.

Update #1

So AudioBrush has had a great first day and there has been some great feedback! That’s what is needed. We also understand that some users have had some issues with the initial loading screen. The first update for AudioBrush is coming with updates to the difficulty and star ratings, as well as fixes for those of you unlucky enough to have the loading screen problem.

Thanks for playing!

Brutai & Jon Baz join the launch!

Brutai & Jon Baz

AudioBrush’s tournament mode is off to a steaming start with the likes of metal band Brutai and Electro House artist Jon Baz. Sound like your sort of thing? Verse the world in Tournament mode and see if you can reach that top score!

Want to find out more about these artists? Visit Brutai’s and Jon Baz’s Facebook:

Now Available!

AudioBrush - Out Now

The wait is over and AudioBrush has finally made it’s debut on the Apple iOS App Store. Starting playing your music against your friends and the world. Download your copy from here: App Store

Stamp of Approval

The Stamp of Approval

AudioBrush just passed the Apple approval process which makes it one step closure to release, of which the set date is November 7th. We’re just going to test a little more and get some prerelease copies to press teams. Almost there!

App Store – here we come!


AudioBrush is currently going through the approval process in the Apple App Store. We haven’t quite yet set a deadline however we have set our eyes on a mid-November release.

Thanks to all the BETA testers that have literally, played there part. It’s a very important process of development and without you – not possible. There are a couple that have really shined through and provided some great feedback (you will see your names in the in-game credits :) ).

Anyway, watch this space for updates on what’s happening!